Automato is a LUA-based automation program which is useful for any automation task which primarily involves screen scraping and sending mouse clicks, with a special focus on automating video games. Automato was originally called Jimbly's VeggieTales, as it was initially developed for growing vegetables in A Tale in the Desert, but has grown to be used in other games as well.

Need support (especially about A Tale in the Desert scripts) or want to chat about automation and scripting? Join the Automato Discord Channel.

Multiple Games and GitHub

Automato supports script repositories for multiple games powered by GitHub. The scripting repositories for each game can be managed by the active scripters working on that game, and accept fixes and new scripts from anyone through "Pull Requests".

Users of Automato are automatically notified (by a green "Update" button) when new scripts for their game have been released and they can update them with the click of a button.

If you have a script collection (or even a single script!) for a game not currently in Automato's list, please contact us and we will happily create an "official" repository for them with you as a maintainer.

Script Example

A very simplistic example that lets the user choose a window, loads the image button.png, finds part of the window that looks similar to button.png, and clicks on it:

function doit()
  askForWindow("Select a window.");
  local pos = srFindImage("button.png");
  if not pos then
    error "Could not find any occurrence of 'button.png' in the selected window";
  srClickMouse(pos[0], pos[1]);
For a couple more complicated examples, look at a generic scripts to click on all occurrences of a button, usable by someone without having to look at the script, tailored for A Tale in the Desert or a crafting macro, which requires/allows for customization through editing the script, for Final Fantasy XIV.

Script Reference

The Wiki on GitHub should have the most up to date information. A short reference can also be found in ScriptingReference.txt included in the installer.



Whenever possible, Dashing Strike, LLC does not monitor or audit scripts and is not responsible for what they contain, that is up to the responsible members of the community for each game. Though Automato does have safeguards limiting what a script can do (e.g. it has no general access to your filesystem), a script can control your mouse and keyboard and therefore do almost anything you could do on your computer. If you find a malicious script, please contact Dashing Strike, LLC immediately, either through the Automato GitHub issues page or through the Contact link at the bottom of this page. If a script or related asset violates any of your intellectual property, please see our DMCA policy and we will address the issue as quickly as possible.

Download (approx 10 MB)

Note: All distributions include both the Windows and Linux binaries, and are able to self-update. Chose the Windows Installer if you are on Windows and wish to be able to add Start Menu shortcuts. Check the wiki for details on running Automato on Linux.

Current version:

Internals for developers: