Request for Interesting Custom Levels

  • Developer

    With the recently added Level Editor features, there's a ton of possibility for interesting levels. If you have a great idea (and you'd be interested in the level being included in the default map lists), I'd love to see it!

    Either just post your ideas here (screenshot, or just a textual description), or upload the level directly to me!

    If you want to send a level you've made, you can find them on your hard disk at: (Steam install folder)/steamapps/common/Splody/user/data/levels/ - the Steam install folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam for most of you Windows users. You can upload the .lvl file to me through this link, just make sure to post a comment here so I know to go looking for new files =).

    Alternatively, or if you're on a console whose pesky operating system does not allow you to directly access files, just go online start a new Custom Game, and select your level to play, play a round, and then let me know (along with your PSN ID), I should be able to pull it from the live servers.