• Developer

    I noticed some image "mods" over on the Community Artwork page by, that I'm guessing no one noticed because Steam doesn't really promote the "Artwork" section, maybe you want to check them out!

    As for the best way to go about modding - Splody supports loading user-modified files from an overlay folder named "user", so you can place your changed files into that folder without the danger of them being overwritten when Steam next patches Splody (however, a "verify integrity of game cache" will still wipe them, so keep your master copies elsewhere!). The files must be in the exact same path and filename (case sensitive) as to what they are going to override. So, if you want to override Splody/data/graphics/PUTiles.png, make new folders "user", "data", and "graphics" and save it as Splody/user/data/graphics/PUTiles.png and it will load that one instead!

    If you're interested in modding characters, there are 3 ways to go about it, and there are sample files located here. For any of these, grab the .zip, extract it into a new folder in Splody/user/data/players/, and then make your changes!

    • To create an original character using the existing animations, grab TemplateCharacter-SpineData, and just modify the .PNG file and associated tintmap (..._1.PNG).
    • To create an original character from scratch with new animations, or do more complicated changes to characters, use Spine. You can start with the SpineSource data file for this.
    • To create a super simple character using an old-school sprite sheet, grab SpriteTest and start from there! These won't match the style of the rest of the game, but you may still enjoy this.

    TintMaps - Most image assets have a separate tint map file (same filename but with a "_1" suffix). In the tintmap, anything red gets the primary color, anything green gets the secondary color, anything else is not tinted. Can use non-zero values for these to get blends, or to apply a desaturated primary or secondary color for slight tinting/shadowing.

    Steam Workshop - Though I'm not quite sure when I'll get to this, be assured that if I see evidence of people making mods I would want to try out, I'm going to be very motivated to bump it up on the schedule. Obviously there is no point in investing the work on adding support for Steam Workshop if no one is making anything (and the Splody audience is very small right now, so it's unclear whether or not that'll happen).

    Use with caution online - if you are doing any substantial modding, and you are playing online, and you notice people get disconnected when you connect, or they complain about errors, please let me know immediately so I can address the issue, rename your user folder to something else like user.tmp so it's not used, and try again. Simple image replacements will never cause a problem. Adding a new character should work fine (you will show up as the default "Splodybot" to other players if you select an avatar they do not have installed). But, if you're playing with other things, be careful, and let me know if you find anything that impacts other players.