Splody - ChangeLog

  • Developer

    I'll update this thread with each new build of Splody indicating what is changed and what bugs are fixed.

    After a new build is released, it usually takes 5-10 minutes before it trickles out to all logged in Steam users, so if you get an error message about having too old of a version to play online, either wait a few minutes or restart Steam and you'll immediately get the latest patch. For PS4 users, there may be a longer delay before getting a new version, however the current and most recent version should always both be eligible for online play.

    For historical changes (all from before the initial PS4 release), check out the ChangeLog on the Steam forums.

  • Developer

    2018-07-30 - v1.6.339 - Misc fixes

    • If a series ends prematurely, add note to set victor screen about the reason for aborting the series
    • Add Flame Speed to list of options shown to non-room leaders during level select
    • Mount power-ups no longer stop kicked bombs, except in the Mount Control game mode
    • Fix "winner" effect playing on non-active players when a Mount Control game ends due to disconnects, with no one scoring any points

  • Developer

    2018-09-08 - v1.6.343 - PS4 Crossplay and Bug Fixes

    • Lots of work on the PS4 version 1.00 releasing soon!
    • Enable cross-platform multiplayer with PlayStation 4 users
    • Add link to forums from Extras menu
    • Make disconnecting from a server always instantaneous
    • Fix controller button icons not remapping when plugging in an Xbox controller at run-time
    • Fix taunt sounds not playing over network
    • Fix players snapping out of their square if a flying bomb landed on them and they tried to move, also causing a rare crash if they were snapped into another square which also had a flying bomb land there (bug credit: StriderCZE throwing way too many bombs at me)

  • Developer

    2018-09-08 - v1.6.344 - Bug Fix Bug Fix

    • Fix crash (caused by recent fix for very rare case) when a flying bomb lands in a flame (much more common case) (bug credit: AlbirdVampPrince)

  • Developer

    2018-09-11 - v1.6.345 - Linux Server Idle Performance

    • Use a different method of sleeping on Linux to slightly improve idle server performance (Windows servers were already idling at 0% CPU usage, the Linux build is now closer to that)

  • Developer

    2018-09-12 - v1.6.346 - Controller Compatibility Fixes

    • Update to SDL 2.0.8 and latest controller mappings, fixing issues with D-Pad motion on SNES-like controllers, and right trigger not working on Xbox 360 Wireless controllers

  • Developer

    2018-09-14 - v1.6.347 - UI Transisions

    • Add subtle fade transition to most state changes to make UI flow more smoothly