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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-04-15 - v1.8.375 - Extended character support

    • Add support for a large number of "letter-like characters" that exist in Unicode by mapping to characters found in the font (bug credit: "ʳᵒᵃᵈ₂ᶰᶸᶫᶫ", previously known as "���������")
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-03-27 - v1.8.374 - Controller Support Update & Animated Avatar Support

    • Update to newer version of SDL and GameControllerDB to better support more controllers with good default button mappings
    • Better support for Wii U/Switch USB GameCube controller adapter
    • Support animated avatar icons, for users on platforms that provide them (Discord)
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-03-11 - v1.8.367 - Launch Reliability

    • Fix crash at startup if running Splody with the wrong working directory - e.g. by double-clicking the executable in Finder (OSX) or through a shortcut with an incorrect "Start in" setting (Windows) (bug credit: SilverHawk)
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-02-18 - v1.8.366 - Crash Fix

    • Fix rare crash on death (bug credit: Chad)
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-01-22 - v1.8.364 - Bugfixes

    • Release on
    • Fix inactive or dead players sometimes stopping kicked bombs or bombs on conveyor belts.
    • Fix crash attempting to move cursor in chat box if no chat has ever been entered (bug credit: jirka.cech)
    • Fix server help text referencing old UI flow ("server browser" instead of "custom game")
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2019-01-10 - v1.8.362 - Discord Auth, Bugfixes

    • Add support for authenticating as a Discord user for online multiplayer - if you are signed into both Steam and Discord, you can choose which to play as online in the Online Multiplayer menu
    • Allow changing username when playing LAN games and not signed into Steam or Discord
    • Minor performance enhancements
    • Fix occasional graphics misalignment when starting the game maximized (not full screen)
    • Fix scrolling in level list using laptop touch pad
    • Fix initial mouse click being ignored when focusing the window
    • Fix controller button presses going into chat
    • Fix modal dialogs looking wrong (stretched background) with render scale set to something other than 100%
    • Fix last line of text momentarily disappearing while scrolling chat history with pageup/pagedown.
    • Fix victory fireworks erupting from the previous locations of now-inactive players/bots if their previous team wins (bug credit: guy who sat next to me on a plane)
    • Fix matches that should be a "Draw" in a team game erroneously displaying as "Victory" (for inactive players/controllers)
    • Fix spacing between avatar icon and name in "Round winner:" text
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2018-12-23 - v1.8.361 - Crash Fix

    • Fix crash when you (or a bot) manages to try to place two bombs in the same location, which is momentarily on fire, due to network latency combined with "instant" flame speed and duration and riding a mount (bug credit: Red Spider)
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2018-12-14 - v1.8.359 - International Glyph Support (Steam only)

    • Font support for most international (European and Asian) characters - you should now be able to actually see the names of our Japanese players!
    • Add IME support for entering these characters into chat/edit boxes
    • Update to new Discord invite link (
    • Restored support for Windows XP
    • Fixed opening https links on Linux
    • Fixed copy/paste from chat
    • Eased graphical transition from round victor glow to next round
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2018-10-17 - v1.7.354 - Linux Fix

    • Fix crash on Linux at startup
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  • RE: Splody - ChangeLog

    2018-10-16 - v1.7.353 - More Flair

    • Add some additional flair to the round victory/lose/draw screen
    • Fix framerate stutter on newer video cards/drivers when a round ends
    • Clear server chat history when all players leave
    • Re-order Advanced Gameplay Options to have more interesting options at top
    • Change controls default to be "precise" cornering
    • Add option (default on) to increase round time on "giant" maps (more than 27 wide or high) by an additional 30 seconds, as with the default 60 seconds on these maps players are often still stuck in a corner when the level is closing in
    • Add new "Flame Duration" option
    • Fix transitions not playing in some conditions
    • Minor optimizations to startup speed
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